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Friday, May 25, 2012

Students learn about opportunities for international study and research

“Snap, Crackle, and Pop! That is what you obtain when you apply and receive a Fulbright award.” With these words, Dr. Charles Dunn, distinguished professor of the Robertson School of Government and Fulbright Chairman, encouragingly expressed the importance and satisfaction of becoming a Fulbright recipient. Seated in the Regent Ordinary Fountain View Room, the students and guest speakers enjoyed lunch, while listening to Dr. Dunn urged the students to thrive for excellence and to expand their academic experiences by applying for a Fulbright award. With the same encouraging spirit, Regent students attentively listened to the rich experiences lived by Dr. Emilyn Cabanda, Fulbright Student recipient from the Philippines to Baylor University and currently a professor at the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Carrimine White, Fulbright Scholar to Slovakia-Eastern Europe and undergraduate professor. As Fulbright appointee’s, they shared real life stories of the culture, people, their duties, and their life changing experiences. The workshop was sponsored by Regent University’s Office of Global Affairs (OGA).
“The Office of Global Affairs recognizes Regent students’ interest in global educations and cross-cultural experiences. The goal of this workshop was to provide information and make students aware of the great opportunities for study and research abroad the Fulbright program offers” said Dr. Sergio Matviuk, executive director of Global Affairs. “The goal of OGA is to encourage students to apply to the Fulbright program and support them during the application process to obtain these generous grants. We are sure the cross-cultural experience of studying and researching abroad will enhance students’ professional skills and develop their global competencies” Dr. Matviuk added. Commenting on the workshop, Dr. Almarie Munley, Fulbright Program representative and advisor said “Students need to experience learning, researching and working in an international environment. Those who graduate a student Fulbright program have an opportunity to leverage their career opportunities while continuing to build their global knowledgebase. The Fulbright program is recognized around the world as one of the finest and most competitive student programs offered. It would be an honor to have a student Fulbright represent Regent University’s vision and mission. ”
OGA will continue offering information sessions in the Fall and Spring terms. For more information about the Fulbright program visit:

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