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Friday, May 18, 2012

School of Education Prays for World Changers

The School of Education creates a prayer board for their students.

Regent University’s School of Education has launched a global prayer program and created a prayer board that graces the halls of the second floor in the Administration Building. The prayer board presents a few of the School of Education’s students and alumni that are making an impact around the world. “Regent University as a global center of Christian thought and action is called to be informed, engaged and prayerful for the world, particularly for those who serve across the globe and are part of Regent’s family. The School of Education’s global prayer engagement reflects Regent’s global commitment” expressed Dr. Sergio Matviuk, executive director of Global Affairs.
Currently, the prayer board provides eleven profiles of pictures, information and prayer request of students and alumni who live in various parts of the world. “We realized that many of our alumni and current students are in key areas of the world. We wanted our School of Education faculty, students, and staff to be ever mindful of these men and women that are changing the world for Christ,” said Dr. Arroyo, Dean of Regent’s School of Education. Creating tangible and motivating inspirations of Regent’s motto, Christian Leaders to Change the World, was the purpose of the board, which also aims to motivate faculty, staff and prospective and current students.
Linda Jaworski, a Regent School of Education Alumni and current third-grade teacher at the Bilkent Laboratory and International School in Ankara Turkey, gave a word of advice to those who are thinking about working abroad: “No one should be afraid to live in another country. Pray for God’s guidance and trust that He will send you where He needs you! You will find yourself in a new experience that is life changing and truly a blessing!” Dr. Matviuk added that “Global competencies are developed by interacting with and serving people from other cultures; Regent students and alumni need to enhance such competencies to become the global Christian leaders they are called to be.” “We are proud and constantly pray for those Regent students and alumni that faithfully serve around the world.” He commends the School of Education for their global prayer initiative.
Please continue to pray for all of Regent’s students, staff, faculty and alumni as they travel and work abroad for the glory of God. If you want to share a global story, please contact the Office of Global Affairs.

The prayer board features the following world changers:
Astrid Garza (Mexico) – Doctor of Education in Character Education Student
Brenda Yujie Yao (China) – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Education Alum
Deborah Rockrohr (South Africa) – Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) Student                                            
Bill Evans (Ecuador) – Doctor of Educational Leadership Student
Lisa Pursley (Turkey) – Doctor of Education in Special Education / Education Psychology Student
Murriell McCulley (Republic of South Sudan) – Doctor of Education in Psychology Alum
Jean Marc Zamor (Haiti) – Doctor of Education in Higher Education Student
Romona White (United Arab Emirates) – Doctor of Education in K12 Education Student
Thy Cameron (South Africa) – Doctor of Education in Christian School Leadership Student
Cheryl Winget (Hungary) – Doctor of Special Education Student
Linda Jaworski (Turkey) – Master of Teaching Program Alum

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