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Monday, December 17, 2012

Regent Celebrates Global Day of Worship

By Amanda Morad
December 14, 2012 

President Campo leads chapel in
President Campo leads chapel in "Hark!
The Herald Angels Sing."
As the semester winds down, pausing for reflection in worship remains a priority for the Regent University community. Recognizing this, President Carlos Campo spoke at a special chapel on Wednesday, Dec. 12, which also featured guest worship artists, Rooted Deep, and Orphan's Promise founder, Terry Meeuwsen.

The chapel service coincided with the Global Day of Worship, an international event featuring 24 hours of worship across 24 time zones, and occurred just hours before Adora America, a worship event featuring several Latino pastors and ministers, filled the Main Theatre for the East Coast broadcast of the Global Day of Worship.

President Campo focused his remarks on the story of Charles Wesley and the Holy Club he co-founded at Oxford University in the 18th century with his brother John Wesley and his friend George Whitfield. "Transform this campus," President Campo challenged students. "You are welcome here to form a 'Holy Club.'"

The Wesleys' transformative methods of worshipping God eventually produced the Methodist denomination and changed both the "old" and "new" world forever, President Campo explained.

"We are outcomes based, right?" he asked chapelgoers, "But we're looking beyond academic outcomes to the ultimate heavenly outcome. How are we preparing students for that?"

One way is through Regent's annual Week of Worship. Five days of special chapel services and a culminating night of worship called students, staff and faculty to focus on their faith. Regent's week of worship is held each November.

Another way Regent is preserving its commitment to spiritual outcomes is the building of the Chapel, expected to open in spring 2013. "So much will happen in that building across the way," predicted President Campo.

Acknowledging both Wesleys' contributions to the canon of traditional church hymns, President Campo concluded his remarks with a breakdown of one of Charles Wesley's more well-known hymns, "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing." After explaining what the beloved lyrics represent, President Campo led the audience in the seasonal song.

What the vision and mission of Regent University come down to, he said as he concluded, is "glory—may it ever be true on this campus, that we bring glory to the name of God."

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