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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Global Education Center in South Africa Earns Incorporation

December 3, 2012

John Jones (back row center) and members of the center's South Africa team.
John Jones (back row center) and members
of the center's South Africa team.
On Tuesday, Nov. 20, the government of South Africa confirmed the incorporation of Regent University's Global Education Center. After months of work establishing partnerships and training opportunities, incorporation of the center will allow Regent to seek local accreditations and professional certifications for programs offered in South Africa, making those programs more appealing for local students.
"The establishment of the Global Education Center in South Africa indicates another milestone in the advancement of Regent University's global vision and ministry," said Regent president, Dr. Carlos Campo. "The university's global strategic plan includes establishing five Global Centers around the world to serve the nations, and this is the first one toward the fulfillment of that plan."

As Christianity continues its explosive growth worldwide, President Campo explained, Regent will look for strategic opportunities to expand. The university's commitment to improving the global competence of its faculty, staff and students also means that the university will continually look for ways to embed global opportunities into its curricula and operations.

Regent's entry into South Africa began around 2000, when representatives from the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship—now the School of Business & Leadership (SBL)—began participating in educational conferences and offering seminars. In 2009, SBL began offering its online master's degrees in organizational leadership and business administration, and the School of Psychology & Counseling's Trauma Team visited South Africa to provide counseling and training, contributing to Regent's presence and growing reputation there. In 2011, SBL also began offering its online master's in strategic foresight. Currently, about 60 South African students are enrolled in courses, following on the heels of some 20 alumni living in South Africa.

"Established as a branch of Regent, the Global Education Center will serve as Regent's area office in South Africa to promote the university's vision, mission and ministry in the country and the southern Africa region," said Dr. Sergio Matviuk, executive director of Global Affairs.

"South African students are interested in Regent's education, but they are also interested in an education that has the proper recognition by the local government and professional associations," explained the center's director John Jones '10 (School of Business & Leadership). "The incorporation of the Global Education Center brings us closer to obtain those quality assurance certifications and accreditations."

"The Global Education Center becomes the most important global operation and the first international site for the university," explained Matviuk. "It provides a platform for Regent to conduct seminars and conferences, study abroad programs, service learning abroad programs and international research. As a whole, it will be a hub to provide support to Christian leadership development in South Africa."

Currently, the center promotes and markets Regent's Professional & Continuing Education programs and several online graduate programs through the School of Business & Leadership.

In the coming months, the center will work on developing its marketing strategy, building its own administrative systems, and seeking appropriate accreditations and certifications for key programs.

Learn more about Regent's Office of Global Affairs.

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