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Monday, September 9, 2013

PCE Encourages Global Connections

International students sign a banner during the closing
ceremony of the two-week leadership camp
By Brett Wilson
August 19, 2013

Regent University's division of Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) is changing the world one student at a time. This summer, PCE continued in its efforts to train students on the basics of leadership during its annual International Collegiate Leadership Institute Program.

The two-week program hosted an array of culturally and intellectually diverse students as Regent faculty and staff members facilitated courses on topics such as leadership and personal growth. More than 40 students traveled from China and the Ukraine to take part in this year's camp.

"In a dynamic and increasingly globalized world, the camp offered students the opportunity to learn, share and grow within a culturally diverse, value-driven leadership framework," said Dr. Bramwell Osula, assistant professor for the School of Business & Leadership (SBL) and facilitator for the camp. "If the future demands students who are globally aware and capable of leading at the edge, then these leadership camps help fulfill an important Regent mandate."

Osula explained that students were encouraged to "hit the ground running" as they developed a sense of their own abilities through the camp's lecture sessions and the encouragement of self-directed learning.

While most of Osula's favorite moments from the camp came from his interactions with the "visibly energized" student participants, he explained that the most edifying part of his involvement came from witnessing the students' final presentations. These ranged from PowerPoint presentations and skits, to an interactive series of participatory trust games.

"The depth of the presentations confirmed just how much each student had learned and was able to apply," said Osula.

As a parent of a student participant, Toni Stubbs explained how she witnessed her daughter, Maiya, learn and transform during the two weeks she spent at Regent.

"I wanted her to have exposure to students from other countries—and I wanted her to go throughout the rest of her education learning how to be a leader," said Stubbs.

"You have to go internal and external, and you have to change your heart to be a good leader," said Maiya. "And definitely my heart has been changed."

She also noted a newfound enthusiasm for developing friendships around the world as a result of her time spent learning from PCE's program.

Ruth Chai, an international student participating in the camp from Beijing, China, was one such friend. Chai, after her pursuits as a graduate student in social work, hopes to return to the United States for her doctorate studies.

"I liked this program very much," said Chai. "And maybe I will come back to Regent one day."

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